Marrying a snowmobile-style track with a cafe racer-like posture, the Snoped is perhaps the sleekest snow speeder around. Its monolithic black aluminum body with exposed screws, puffy black seat, and vertical headlight and taillight looks like something straight out of the first order, while the lightweight chassis, 90cc motor, and Chrysler Sno-runner track ensures it's more than a mere prop. Sadly no word on whether designer Joey Ruiter or builder Jeff Long plan to make more.

Photos: Dean Van Dis, Brian Kelly

  • Mansory Black Marlin Jet Ski

    Based on a Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS, the Mansory Black Marlin Jet Ski is a murdered out sea speeder. Its Rotax engine gets a hefty performance boost up to 550 hp, while the aggressive lines of the carbon fiber shell lets it drop over 20 pounds of weight at the same time as it improves the ride's looks. Equally suited to pairing with a black SUV for hauling to and from the lake or with a stealthy mega yacht, it can carry up to three passengers at a time.

  • Skyrunner MK 3.2

    Part ATV, part plane, the Skyrunner MK 3.2 promises to let you explore the wilderness both from the ground and from the air. On land, the go kart-like design and Rotax engine handles rugged terrain with ease, while ram-air parafoil wing technology lets it hit speeds of 55 mph in the air, reaching a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet. It can transition from one to the other quickly, and can takeoff and land quickly, enabling access to a number of areas unreachable by traditional aircraft. And since it only requires a Sports Pilot license, it's far more accessible than traditional aircraft while still allowing you to bring a passenger along for the ride.

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