Snow Crawler

Snow is pretty. Snow can be a blast to play around in. But in order to enjoy the snow, you generally have to be out in the cold. If you don't like the cold, this presents a problem. The Snow Crawler has a solution. It provides all the handling and terrain-covering chops of a traditional snowmobile, powered by an efficient electric drive system, but adds a closed cabin for the driver, so you don't have to be exposed to the elements to enjoy some time out in them. Alas, it's just a concept for now — so don't throw away your parkas just yet.

  • Equinox Snowcoach

    Snowmobiles are ideal ways to explore the wintry countryside, but they don't hold many people, and the wind can make things downright frigid. The Equinox Snowcoach solves both problems. Made from sturdy polyethylene, this add-on attaches to your snowmobile with a limited rotational hitch, offers room and seat belts for up to two people, and sits on a high performance gas shock suspension for a smooth ride. Available in five colors, it even has an available ATV conversion kit so you can keep using it long after the snow is gone.

  • Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition

    Exploring the wilderness on a four wheeler is great — riding front-to-back like you're on a crotch rocket, not so much. Make your two-person excursions more fun with the Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition. Designed to take on whatever you come across, it features a 110 HP ProStar 1000 High Output engine with reduced gearing and a larger reverse chain for digging through mud, high-mount air intake and vent lines, stiffer springs, on-demand all-wheel drive, and race-inspired suspension. And should you somehow get stuck, a 4,500 pound winch should help you get back on the trail.

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