Snow Peak Lapel Torch

Let's see: you need both hands to do an activity, you can't mount a light anywhere nearby, and you'd like to avoid the dorkiness of a head-mounted solution. Sounds like you need the Snow Peak Lapel Torch ($60). This compact, water-resistant LED light uses a magnetic clip to attach to pretty much anything — a shirt, a backpack strap, you name it — and is powered by a remote battery pack that connects via a 28-inch cord and can provide up to 140 hours of light.

  • Stihl RMA 370 Battery Powered Mower

    Take the fumes and noise out of your mowing routine while doing the planet a favor at the same time by upgrading to the Stihl RMA 370 Battery Powered Mower ($TBA). This walk-behind mower operates on the same KombiSystem as the company's other battery-powered tools, starts with the push of a button, holds up to 10.5 gallons of clippings, and can cut up to 3,200 square feet per charge. It only takes 30 minutes to recharge using the rapid charger, which strikes us as just enough time to do the exhausting work of finding the cooler, opening a beer, and planning the evening ahead.

  • Vampliers

    You'd think they might suck the innards out of a wire. And you'd be wrong. Vampliers are actually on the job to remove your rusty, stripped, damaged, jammed, or tamper-proof screws. And how do they do this, you ask? With vertically and horizontally serrated jaws that bite into nearly any surface without slipping or stripping the screw. Just try not to use it for normal plier-y things that you don't want to take a bite out of — something tells us they might leave a mark.

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