Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern

Keep your campsite well lit with the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern ($40). Available in two colors, this handy LED lantern runs for seventy hours off 3 AAA batteries, and features a built-in loop with a magnetic closure for hanging and a silicone rubber shade for light diffusion. Time to turn in for the night? Set it to candle mode and let the flickering light set the mood inside your tent.

  • Audubon Bird Call

    Given its simple appearance, we'd have serious reservations about the effectiveness of the Audubon Bird Call ($9) — if it hadn't been doing its job for over 70 years. Invented by Roger Eddy — who was also an author and a politic in the Connecticut state legislature — this simple call is made from cast zinc and birch wood in Rhode Island, and emits a generic tweeting noise that draws curious birds in.

  • Tuf Rack

    When something claims that it's "guaranteed indestructible", you tend to take notice. That's the case with the Tuf Rack ($170-$200). MIG welded using laser-cut 16-gauge steel, these bike racks — available in mountain bike and BMX styles — are tough as nails, hold you bike down using a single custom ratchet strap over the top tube, and thanks to a modular design, can be connected several at a time to the back of your truck or SUV.

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