Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent

Designed to be suspended from two trees, the Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent takes the Japanese firm's beloved tents and raises them up off the ground. It measures roughly four feet by seven feet, with an inner liner to help protect you from condensation and wetness, a large ventilator at the top to help keep you cool, and a hidden shoe pocket underneath the floor that will keep your kicks dry even in the rain. Comes with padded sheets to help protect the bark of the trees, as well as ropes to help secure it in the breeze.

  • Survival Laces

    Sure, you can carry a separate firestarting kit when heading into the wilderness. But you're already wearing shoes, so why not just secure them with some Survival Laces instead? Available in a number of lengths, these replacement laces work for everything from footwear to hoodies, and hide a ferro rod, tinder, and fishing line inside their paracord exteriors. To access them, just remove the metal aglet on the end holding the tinder, start your fire, and pack the unused tinder away for your next fire.

  • Salt Self Defense Gun

    There's a reason that guns are great for self-defense: they let you subdue potential attackers and intruders from a safe distance. Unfortunately, they're all too often involved in accidents and unintentional shootings, making gun safes a must. The Salt Self Defense Gun was designed to offer the long-range protection benefits of a gun without the potentially lethal side effects. Shaped like a traditional handgun, it shoots rounds filled with a powdered mix of chemicals that create a toxic cloud upon impact, incapacitating anyone in the vicinity. That means you don't necessarily need to hit your target to stop them, and should it go off by accident, there won't be any serious injuries, either.

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