As the snow continues to fall here at Uncrate HQ, our thoughts turn to that highly-irritating of winter rituals — the need to scrap snow, ice, and other crud off your windows and windshield. The Snowdozer ($17) can make this process a little less heinous, thanks to a double-blade design that scrapes both forward and backward, a front handle to reduce strain, an extendable, telescoping arm for reaching far across your huge SUV, a built-in brush for sweeping the small stuff away, and a front plow to keep snow off your hands. Next up? Your driveway.

  • Gorillatorch Switchback

    Part lantern, part headlamp, the Gorillatorch Switchback is a versatile instrument that can help light the way, no matter what the circumstances. Its five LEDs include a flood light and a red lamp for night vision, adjustability from 5 to 130 lumens, and a unique casing that allows them to attach to your forehead using a comfortable strap or sit inside the lantern, which itself sits on Joby's now-legendary bendable tripod legs, letting you attach it to damn near anything but your head.

  • Swiss Army Surplus Axes

    Sure, odds are you don't need to stockpile wood for the winter, but should a fierce ice storm knock out your power, you might be wishing you had. You can get started with these Swiss Army Surplus Axes ($37-$130). Available in both camping and chopping styles, these unused axes are between 30 to 50 years old, and feature details like deep necks, sharp blades, and strong handles — just hurry, as only 195 of each size is available.

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