Snowmaster Snow Scoop

Snowmaster Snow Scoop

With snow blanketing the upper midwest and east coast this week, it looks like it's finally time to tell you about the Snowmaster Snow Scoop ($100). This 56-inch long and 24-inch wide helper has a 4-inch wheel on the back to help move large amounts of snow (up to 250 lbs.!) while protecting your back from strain. Plus, it's made from durable polyurethane plastic, so it should stand up to year after year of scooping.

  • Tiger Tacos

    Anyone who has ever opened or packed a typical cardboard box knows the challenges of getting the flaps under control. Tiger Tacos ($19/4-pack) are simple metal taco shell-shaped helpers that go on the top of a folded flap, keeping it in check and out of your way. If you think metal might be a little too heavy duty for your needs, you can get a 4-pack of plastic Tiger Tacos for just $5.

  • Van Vacter Pumpkin Knife

    If you're looking for the right tool to carve that Phil Spector portrait into the side of your great pumpkin, look no further than the Van Vacter Pumpkin Knife ($20). Looking more like a Swat team knife, this Jack O' Lantern maker features a rounded safety tip, non-slip handle, and a stainless steel blade.

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