Snurfer x Rome Snurfboard

Before snowboarding became an Olympic sport, there was the Snurfer, the invention of a Muskegon, MI native that became a huge seller for none other than the Brunswick company. The Snurfer x Rome Snurfboard honors this history by pairing a design from Rome's Powder Division with the Snurfer's classic rope-powered steering. Made from modern materials, the board has a retro paint job, holes for bindings — though they're not necessary — as well as two holes up front for attaching the rope. Individually numbered and limited to just 100 boards.

  • Rapha Pro Team Shadow Jersey

    Manufactured in Italy, the new Rapha Pro Team Shadow Jersey acts like a protective shield on the backs of riders. With a durable water repellent finish water just rolls off the jersey during a downpour. It's also stretch woven so body heat can escape from the compressed aero fit. 3/4 length sleeves give your arms more protection, while three rear cargo pockets provide storage space while holes in the bottom of each allows rainwater to drain. A huge upgrade from most racing rainwear options with great protection from the weather on unpredictable race days.

  • Arcaboard

    The latest wave of hoverboards to hit the market are cool, but each one requires a conductive surface to work. The Arcaboard works everywhere. Lifted above the ground with 36 high power electric fans, its thrust is strong enough to handle up to 240 pounds. Ride with the built in stabilization system using your smartphone, or do your best Marty McFly impression and control it with your body. It's one step closer to the full realization of a technology we've all been dreaming about for decades.

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