Sodastream Source

Whether you're concerned about your impact on the local landfill, or you just like the idea of carbonating your own beverages at home, the Sodastream Source ($130) gives you the bubbles you crave without all the excess plastic bottles. This elegantly-designed device lets you carbonate any drink, from tap water to soft drinks. The included plastic bottle has a metal base and top, is completely reusable, and will last a while — compare that to those disposable bottles you get from the local grocery. LED lights on the machine's face let you accurately gauge your level of carbonation.

  • Pour Mason

    With any luck you've experienced the delightful taste of a cup of coffee made in a Chemex — these pour-over coffee makers create a better cup than your drip machine any day, but unfortunately, they're not very portable. The Pour Mason ($29) solves the portability problem, so you can have delicious poured coffee whether you're camping, boating, or backpacking. It's made from a simple aluminum funnel attached to an aluminum lid that fits any Ball Mason jar. All you need to do is boil water, and gently pour it over ground coffee through a filter for a perfectly-brewed cup anywhere you go.

  • Range Smart Thermometer

    If you're a homebrewer, cheese maker, baker, or backyard grilling aficionado, you know that proper temperature makes the difference between delicious, and terrible. In spite of this, we still haven't seen many advances made to the simple kitchen thermometer — that is, until the Range Smart Thermometer ($59). Available in two forms, a three-inch, pointed thermometer with a long cord perfect for meats, and a six-inch, dull thermometer made for working with deep pots, it plugs directly into your iOS device, letting you get smarter about temperature. Push notifications, alerts at multiple temperatures, and recipe graphs are just a few of the features that make it so useful.

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