SOG Baton Multi-Tools

There are times when you want to keep some tools around, but don't want to look like a handyman. SOG Baton Multi-Tools are ideal for those moments. Available in four different models, these robust tools all fold up to a stick-like form that measures roughly six inches in length for easy storage. Yet they offer a wide range of tools, including everything from scissors and bottle openers to knives and ballpoint pens. An ideal urban alternative to traditional bulky implements.

  • Key-Bit EDC Tool

    Plenty of multi-tools offer screwdriver bits. Few, if any, are quite as small and convenient as the Key-Bit EDC Tool. Made in Minneapolis from your choice of aluminum or patina-developing copper, the pill-shaped tool hides a standard screw bit inside, using a pair of powerful magnets to stay securely closed until you need it. Knurling on both sides makes it easy to grip, and while it ships with a #2 Phillips hex screw bit, it can accomodate nearly any 1/4" x 1" hex bit you find most useful.

  • Quadsaw

    Drills are built to make round holes. Light switches, power outlets, and other utility plates are square or rectangular. The Quadsaw makes the two compatible. It attaches to your drill like any other bit, but uses four specially-designed blades to slice through drywall in as little as ten seconds, cutting single or double outlets with ease. It has a built-in height guide and spirit level to keep your cuts tidy and consistent, and is made from durable materials that will keep it working job after job.

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