SOG BladeLight Knife

A pocket knife is an essential everyday item for lots of guys, but if you're in the dark without a flashlight, it won't do you much good — unless it's a SOG BladeLight Knife ($85). Thanks to state-of-the-art switches and circuitry, it packs six LEDs into its GRN handle on either side of the blade, providing shadowless light for precise cuts. Oh, and it's also waterproof, draws its power from AAA batteries, and can serve as a flashlight when the blade's put away. Arriving in Q3 2012.

  • Bosch Power Box

    Nothing makes a job more dull than a lack of background music, but unfortunately most job sites aren't really boombox-friendly. Luckily, the Bosch Power Box 360 isn't your average boombox. Inside its rugged aluminum and rubber roll case, the 360 packs full 360-degree speakers for all-around sound, a weather-sealed media bay for your iPod, a powered USB port for charging your cell phone, MP3 and WMA support for the SD card slot, external auxiliary ports, a built-in battery bay for either charging your tool batteries or powering the Power Box itself, an illuminated LCD display, and a remote control for cranking up the music while you crank up the saw.

  • M48 Ranger Hawk Axe

    Some axes are meant to chop wood; others are designed to hack through steel. The M48 Ranger Hawk Axe ($60) is designed for silently annihilating the undead. It features a wide, upswept blade precision cast from stainless steel, a 30% fiberglass, nylon-reinforced handle with black nylon cord wrapping, and an included nylon sheath and compass. Target practice not included.

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