Solar Garden Shower

Solar Garden Shower

If you're anything like us, you simply hate to come back into the house carrying with you all the nastiness that comes from gardening, mowing the lawn, or just in general working outside. Well, now you can clean that junk off before you come in with the Solar Garden Shower ($900). Equipped with a 20 liter tank, the shower can store hot water for up to five people and you can even mix the hot water with colder water straight from the hose. I can only imagine how useful this thing could be at a beach house. [via]

  • Mosquito Mega-Catch

    Reclaim your backyard with this hardcore mosquito trap. The Mosquito Mega-Catch ($200) uses a strip of octenol (resembles the scent of breath), a UV bulb, and flashing LEDs to attract the blood-sucking pests, and when they get close an airflow system sucks them inside, where they're collected in a mesh bag or liquid catch pan. An integrated LCD and timer lets you program the machine so the trap operates around the clock or only during the evenings. And with results like these, you know the Mega-Catch is a badass: "In a USDA suburban test, our trap captured up to 1,200 mosquitoes in a single night and diminished mosquito populations over an entire acre." Take that, bitches.

  • Grass Armchair

    No, not that kind of grass — the Grass Armchair ($235) is made from a different organic material — the grass that grows on your lawn. The kit is a simple cardboard frame that you put together, fill and cover with dirt, populate with grass seeds, and water until you have the perfect outdoor throne. Sitting on the lawn has never been so fun.

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