Solar Roadways

Our system of highways, roads, avenues, bike paths, sidewalks, and parking lots serve a clear and important purpose — the facilitation of easy transportation — but it could do so much more. With Solar Roadways, every paved surface in the country could one day be turned into a source of renewable energy, ultimately producing enough electricity to power our nation three times over. And there's more: programmable LEDs would send information to drivers, while eliminating the need for painted road markers, while built-in heat sources would make snowy and icy roads a thing of the past. While it seems a little pie-in-the-sky right now, they've already received funding from federal highway authorities to begin pilot programs — so a brave new world could be nearer than we ever thought possible.

  • Aero-X Hoverbike

    If you've always wanted to experience the feeling of flying, but don't want to deal with the expense of a plane or helicopter, or spend the time getting licenses and certifications, then the Aero-X Hoverbike might be just what you're looking for. With two carbon fiber propellers fitted to the front and back, the hover bike is capable of flying up to ten feet above the ground and cruising at 45 miles per hour.And with maneuverability similar to that of a motorcycle, you can just tilt your body to change your course. Ideal for a range of professional and recreational uses, it's perfect for search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief, bounding over the desert, or flying over the water (with the optional flotation pontoon kit).

  • Salt Skateboards

    Modern skateboarding as we know it came from surfing — after the waves went out, surfers would carve the asphalt just trying to pass the time — so it only makes sense that a surfboard company would bring us skateboards that harness the spirit of the surf. Salt Skateboards are made from two layers of walnut veneer sandwiching a layer of maple veneer, giving them all the strength of hardwood while maintaining enough flexibility to maneuver. The tail kicks up slightly giving you excellent control when you're carving, so you get the feel of moving through the waves even on land.

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