Soldius Solar Charging Golf Bag

Soldius Solar Charging Golf Bag

You're looking at the world's first golf bag with a built-in solar charger. It uses 100 percent solar energy, charges your cell phone in about three hours, and can be ordered with an adapter for your iPod. While we're sure we want to keep the tunes blasting during a round, we're not certain we want the boss to be able to reach us by phone. In addition to this sleek white nylon model ($230), there's also a black leather one ($800) and a black/orange nylon bag ($270).

  • Arbor Snowboards Element

    We're lucky to go skiing once a year, so we're not going to pretend like we need to drop the cash on a killer snowboard like this. We'll just stick with the craptastic rental gear. But if you're one of those guys we envy, shredding on your board weekly while we're inside watching Nip/Tuck, then you should check out this bad boy. The Element ($500) is made with koa wood, or "warrior" tree, which was first used 1,000 years ago by the ancient Hawaiians to build the original surfboards. Now that's old school cred.

  • Nerf Weather Blitz Football

    Adverse winter weather conditions always make for better backyard football games. If you're like us and look forward to heading home for the holidays so you can partake in some icy pigskin, then you should pick up one of these balls. The Nerf Weather Blitz Football ($10) features a hardcore weather-resistant surface and deep finger grips to prevent slippage when your mom's yard looks more like the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field than a green at Kapalua.

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