Solid Gold Mountain Bike

Let's see: you've got a gold phone, gold chain, gold watch, gold rings, and maybe even a gold wallet. Why not complete the look and ride the streets on gold wheels? The Solid Gold Mountain Bike lets you do exactly that. Handcrafted and overlaid with pure 24K gold in a process that takes nearly 800 hours to complete, this ostentatious two-wheeler also features a customized seat covered in chocolate brown alligator, a logo encrusted with over 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires, and comes complete with a matching gold-covered water bottle with chocolate brown stingray accents. Welcome to the 1%.

  • Viks Bike

    Another in a slew of urban commuting bikes we've seen hit the market recently, the Viks Bike is constructed entirely from high-quality stainless steel tubes, making for a durable bike that's still relatively light weight. Its unique shape is made up of two identical tube frames joined alongside each other, meeting at a single head tube, seat tube, and bottom bracket. Featuring either a fixed gear or a coaster brake hub, it's the ideal bike for cruising through flat cities either on the way to work or out for the night. Available in a number of customizable configurations, and a range of powder-coated colors, this is a city bike that you can really make your own.

  • Marbel Electric Skateboard

    We've seen plenty of electric vehicles over the years, but none that weigh in at under ten pounds. Claiming the throne of "world's lightest electric vehicle", the Marbel Electric Skateboard comes in at 9.9 lbs, and offers a range of up to 10 miles and a top speed of 20 mph thanks to a powerful battery system that's completely integrated into the deck. Speaking of which, it's built entirely from carbon fiber and kevlar, save for the nose, tail, and wheels, which are all crafted from Urethane rubber. All you need to do is hop aboard and move the throttle slider, or better yet, pair the board to your phone and completely customize your ride.

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