SonicTape Laser Tape Measure

SonicTape Laser Tape Measure

Laser tape measures have been around for awhile, but not until recently have they become cost effective. The SonicTape Laser Tape Measure ($50) can calculate area and volume and convert readings from feet to meters and inches to centimeters (if you were so inclined). Measures up to 50-feet with a 99.5 percent accuracy.

  • Leatherman Genus

    Lawn season is thankfully almost over. And just in time too. But if you're still in need of a good tool for your outdoor primping and pruning, check out the Leatherman Genus Gardening & Landscaping Multitool ($60). It features an aluminum body with stainless steel pruning shears, a rotating/locking handle, a clip-point knife, screwdrivers, a saw, bottle opener and soft-wire cutters. The Genus also comes with diamond-coated file for pruner sharpening.

  • Figure 9 Carabiner

    If you've ever had to move furniture (or anything else large for that matter), then you'll fully appreciate the Figure 9 Carabiner ($5). Sure there are numerous strap systems on the market, but most of them are ratcheting, and sort of a pain in the ass. With the Figure 9, you can safely fasten your gear using any available rope and not have to recall your Boy Scouting exploits to achieve safety in packing.

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