Sony 3D Head Mounted Display

Sony 3D Head Mounted Display

Remember back in the '80s, when pundits predicted that in the future, we'd enjoy our entertainment via holographic 3D displays that we wore like sunglasses? You do? Good, because that damn near explains the Sony 3D Head Mounted Display ($TBA). It uses twin HD OLED displays to provide you with an immersive visual experience, while the integrated virtual 5.1 surround sound does the same for your ears, and since it connects via HDMI, you can hook up anything from a PS3 to an iPad, sit back, and enjoy.

  • SMX Screens

    Pour all the money into audio equipment that you want — your home theater will still only be as good as the screen. Which is why you want one from SMX Screens ($2,500 and up). These pro-spec screens are available in a variety of styles, including automated masking screens, curved screens, acoustically transparent screens, and just plain ol' front projection fixed screens, each a cut above what you'll find from other manufacturers. We've been testing one out in the secret underground Uncrate Cinema for a couple months now, and it's made everything from '70s horror flicks to Inception explode off the screen like a Diet Coke bottle filled with Mentos — we tried to take a picture, but the awesomeness was so overwhelming it broke our camera. True story.

  • Sony PlayStation 3D TV

    It was just a matter of time. While the fact that the Sony PlayStation 3D TV ($500) exists isn't all that surprising — it was an obvious choice to use its PlayStation brand to help move some sets — its feature set is. Instead of offering an impressively large canvas on which to play, the PlayStation TV offers up 24 inches of viewable real estate, along with 1080p resolution, quad-speed frame sequential display technology to minimize 3D crosstalk distortion, integrated stereo speakers with a dedicated subwoofer, an included copy of Resistance 3, edge LED backlighting, an included HDMI cable — pretty sure that's a world's first — and, of course, included 3D glasses.

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