Sony 4K Home Theater Projector

Lately we've heard a lot of people refer to their new TVs as "future-proofed" since they offered 3D features that aren't really used right now — but if you really want to future proof your setup, pick up this Sony 4K Home Theater Projector ($25,000). If you're unaware, 4K is a next-generation video standard that will see astoundingly detailed 4096 x 2160 images pushed across the airwaves. This new projector handles them with aplomb thanks to a new SXRD panel and lamp that supports images up to 200 inches in the diagonal and a 4K "upscaler" for measly 1080p content, and also offers installation options like dual triggers, a 2.1 motorized zoom, expanded throw distances, an RS232 interface, control over IP, and compatibility with most home automation systems.

  • Dish Network Tailgater

    Don't miss out on the early games just because you're partying it up in the parking lot before the 4:00 kickoff. The Dish Network Tailgater ($350) is a 10 pound portable satellite TV antenna that your can take nearly anywhere — including the stadium, camping trips, or just to your poor, cable-less cousin's — and enjoy HD programming in a hurry thanks to its automatic satellite locating technology and month-to-month plans. All it's missing is the receiver, a TV, and a power source. [Scouted by Alex]

  • Elite LED LCD TVs

    Remember Pioneer's former lineup of Elite plasma sets that offered up mind-blowing black levels and similarly gasp-inducing pricing? They're being reborn as Elite LED LCD TVs ($6,000-$8,500). Produced by Sharp, these new ultra premium sets offer proprietary RGB+Y technology for more accurate colors, Full Array LED backlighting with local dimming for superior black levels, 3D support, Netflix, YouTube, and other Internet-based connectivity options, THX certification, and Elite Advantage LiveSM support which allows technicians to connect to your TV over the Internet and tweak the settings until the picture is nothing short of perfect.

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