Sony A7 Camera

Like it or not, mirrored digital SLR cameras are quickly going the way of the 35 millimeter, being replaced by smaller, high-functioning mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras — and the Sony A7 Camera ($1,698) may just be the final coffin nail. The latest from Sony, this camera is the first mirrorless interchangeable lens system to feature a full-frame sensor (meaning its sensor is the same size as 35mm film), bringing it in line with a range of professional-quality DSLRs. The camera also features a weather-sealed body, compatibility with Sony's line of E-mount lenses, a 24.3 megapixel sensor, tiltable three-inch display, OLED electronic viewfinder, and much more. With all of that packed into the size of an average point-and-shoot, the days of bulky mirrored cameras are certainly numbered.

  • Nikon 1 AW1 Camera

    If you're in the habit of treating your camera like crap — or you just find yourself in situations that inevitably lead to it getting wet or dirty — it might be time to think about a Nikon 1 AW1 Camera ($800). As the world's first waterproof and shockproof interchangeable lens camera, it'll survive even the least-kind owner (it keeps water out down to a depth of almost 50 feet, and can withstand a six-foot fall). It comes standard with an 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, and a wide angle 10mm f/2.8 lens is also available, both waterproof. It features a 14 megapixel sensor and HD video capability, as well as some features for adventurers like an altimeter, depth gauge, GPS, and a compass.

  • Fujifilm X-A1 Camera

    If you're looking for a low-cost entry into the realm of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, the Fujifilm X-A1 Camera ($600) may be your best bet. Even at that relatively low price, you still get a compact, lightweight body and a 16-50mm F/3.5-5.6 lens — everything you need to get started shooting. The camera comes in an attractive retro design, available in three colors, black, blue and red. It also boasts the sort of feature set you'd expect from more expensive cameras: a 16 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, a three-inch tiltable LCD, full HD video, and built-in WiFi.

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