Sony Energy Link

Sony Energy Link

Power your USB portable devices a little longer with the Sony Energy Link ($35). This portable power supply, driven by two AA rechargeable Cycle Energy batteries, can proivde that extra needed juice to your power hungry MP3 player or cell phone when the time comes. The Energy Link itself fully charges in three hours.

  • iRobot Dirt Dog Workshop Robot

    Get your garage or basement workshop clean with help from the iRobot Dirt Dog Workshop Robot ($130). You simply press the clean button and the Dirt Dog begins to sniff around the floor, looking for dirt, nuts, bolts and other items to scoop up via its high-speed, counter-rotating brushes into an oversized dust bin. A rechargeable battery make the Dirt Dog wireless, and sensors keep this robot from taking a spill down the stairs.

  • Nanda Clocky

    The problem with alarm clocks is the snooze button that's just way too tempting on cold mornings. Not so with the Nanda Clocky ($50). If you hit snooze more than once on this little guy, he springs into action and runs away, making you get out of bed to fetch him and stop the alarm. If you feel like cheating, you can always disable the wheels — but really, where's the fun in that? [Thanks, Bryce]

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