Sony Hi-Res USB Turntable

Compressed digital files, whether purchased or streamed, simply can't compare with the rich, uncompressed analog sound of vinyl. But there is a happy medium, and the Sony PS-HX500 Hi-Res USB Turntable is made to take advantage. It uses a built-in analog-to-digital converter to turn your vinyl into high-resolution audio tracks in either DSD or WAV formats, outputting them to your PC or Mac via the aforementioned USB port, and thus enabling them to be used on pretty much any digital device you own. It's no slouch at playing records through a traditional system, either, with a rock-solid cabinet, belt drive system, lightweight tonearm with integrated shell for superior sound, and a built-in phono EQ that can be bypassed for use with an external rig.

  • Caruso Wireless Gramophone

    Pairing an outstanding design with quality craftsmanship and robust components, the Caruso Wireless Gramophone is far more than just another speaker. The design is dominated by the ceramic horn, which sticks out from the left side of the wooden cabinet. It serves as more than ornamentation, as it amplifies the sound coming from the two-way speaker, 50W Class D amplifier, and Bluetooth 4.0 receiver, while the other side of the cabinet opens up and acts as traditional storage. Hand made in Venice, Italy, it's available in a variety of finish combinations, including pure gold-covered horns and natural oak or walnut veneers.

  • Fern & Roby Cube Speakers

    A timeless look that is only matched by the sound quality they produce. That description fits these bookshelf Cube Speakers from Fern & Roby. Each pair is constructed using heart pine beams salvaged from a late 19th-century Virginia factory. Each section of beam has characteristics that make every speaker unique. Inside each speaker lies an Alpair 7 Gold Driver by MarkAudio, which delivers the widest frequency range in its size class. Made in the USA and certain to catch the eye and ear of anyone that crosses their path.

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