Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Player

So, you want to try out Google TV, you need a Blu-ray player, but you aren't interested in Sony's Internet TV. If all of these statements apply to you, check out the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Player ($400). This all-in-one box sports all the things you need — HDMI in/out, an Intel processor, built-in Wi-Fi, a handheld keypad remote, and automatic updating — for a great Google TV experience, while adding in a 1080p-capable Blu-ray player for those times when the content you want isn't available from either your cable provider or online.

  • Logitech TV Cam

    All ready to hook up your new Logitech Revue? Well if you want to add video chat to the stew of entertainment it offers, you're going to need a Logitech TV Cam ($150). This high-end webcam is designed to sit atop your HDTV, and features a wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens, dual digital, directional microphones to help reduce noise and echoes, HD 720p video resolution, and all the motivation you need to make sure your living room looks spotless every day of the week.

  • Bose VideoWave

    As one Uncrate editor is finding out, wall-mounting your TV is easy, but figuring out what to do about a sound system once it's up there isn't. Some engineers at Bose obviously had the same problem, and came up with the Bose VideoWave ($5,400). This ridiculously-priced 46-inch screen packs an entire array of speakers directly into its body, and needs only a single connection to its console, which you control with a simplified click pad remote. Just make sure you mount it well — if it falls, both your TV and your home theater system will suffer.

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