Sony PlayStation Vita

The argument can be made that dedicated portable gaming machines are on the way out, but if they are, they're going down swinging. Take the Sony PlayStation Vita ($250) for example. This replacement for the PSP features a five-inch, 960x544 OLED multi-touch screen, a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, built-in stereo speakers, microphone, front and rear cameras, a six-axis motion sensing system, compass, Wi-Fi, optional 3G and GPS, a multi-touch pad on the rear, Bluetooth, a memory card slot for expansion, and all the controls you could want, including dual analog sticks, the classic PlayStation action buttons, and shoulder buttons.

  • Arcade Game Tables

    Filling your man cave with retro arcade games is all well and good, but they take up a lot of space for something that only plays one game, and tend not to blend in so well. Both of these issues are resolved in these Arcade Game Tables ($3,000-$3,400). Available in Classic, Custom Classic, and modern Stealth models, these cocktail-style tables offer LCD screens, high-quality joysticks, buttons, and sound systems and built-in libraries of classic games.

  • Cockpit Flight Simulator

    And you thought the old Top Gun arcade machine you used to play was intense. The Cockpit Flight Simulator ($7,000) offers as realistic a piloting experience as you're going to find on terra firma, thanks to a yoke that controls pitch and roll, toggles and buttons for authentic control of navigation and radio, thrust levers and dual rudder pedals to control throttle and yaw, a padded flight seat, an included Dell Studio XPS running Windows 7 and Microsoft's celebrated Flight Simulator X Gold software, an integrated sound system, one 28-inch monitor for out-the-window graphics and a separate 20-incher for the dizzying array of instrument panels.

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