Sony Project Morpheus

Thinking of buying an Oculus Rift? If you're a PS4 owner, you might want to hold off for a bit, because Sony Project Morpheus is here to give the Rift a run for its money. Underneath the futuristic exterior, you'll find a 1080p display with 90 degree field of view, an accelerometer and gyroscope that work in concert with the Playstation camera to track your head orientation and movement, and 3D audio technology for a completely immersive experience.

  • Moga Ace Power Controller

    Games on the iPhone are great, and they only seem to get better — but controlling a game by tilting, shaking, and occasionally poking at a glass screen leaves something to be desired. With the Moga Ace Power Controller ($100), you get all the controls you're used to with console gaming, without sacrificing the convenience and portability of your phone. The controller expands to cradle your phone, and collapse back down to a small size to fit in your pocket or bag. It features dual analog sticks, a directional button, four action buttons, as well as left and right bumpers and triggers. Best yet, the controller also doubles as an extra battery pack, letting you keep a charge while you play. Compatible with all fifth generation iPhones and iPod touches.

  • Steam Controller

    While we've watched as game systems have evolved exponentially over the years, not much monumental has happened to controllers since the invention of the joystick — that is, until the Steam Controller ($TBA). After announcing plans to build an operating system and console based on their popular PC-based gaming platform Steam, the guys at Valve set out to build an input device that would bring the control of a keyboard and mouse into the living room. Based around two circular trackpads that replace the familiar joysticks, it features advanced haptic feedback and a built-in touchscreen that let you play games formerly reserved only for desktop machines.

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