Sony Xperia Hello Robotic Assistant

Like an Amazon Echo crossed with a droid, the Sony Xperia Hello Robotic Assistant is able to respond to your voice commands, gestures, and expressions with an added bit of personality. Its moving, animated "eyes" let it provide a deeper interaction than audio alone, while the 4.55-inch LCD on the front provides plenty of added information. A built-in camera lets it take photos, make video calls, and check on its surroundings while you're away, and it also integrates with the popular Japanese messaging service Line.

  • Aevena Aire Indoor Flying Robotic Assistant

    Something of a cross between a security camera and a drone, the Aevena Aire Flying Robotic Assistant is a new type of homebound gadget. Using a ducted fan assembly for quiet flight, it has an arsenal of sensors that let it fly around autonomously, avoid obstacles from any angle, and automatically takeoff and land. Using it to take a picture is as easy as asking your Amazon Echo to do so — the Aire will take off, find you, and snap a shot with its built-in camera. You can also take control remotely using the companion app, and over-the-air updates such as automated security patrols and virtual home mapping will expand its capabilities further. It was designed to look non-threatening, and while it's not trying to be cute, it also doesn't look like the kind of robot that could be programmed to do you harm, either — so you can put any Terminator-style worries to rest.

  • Temi Personal Robot

    Part Echo, part iPad, part butler, the Temi Personal Robot is a rethinking of how we interact with technology. It has an array of sensors and cameras that let it autonomously navigate your home, coming to you when called. It can handle standard AI assistant stuff like making calls, summoning a ride, and playing music. It can also handle tasks stationary and handheld devices can't, like letting you video chat hands-free while naturally moving through your space, taking videos and photos for you, thanks to face tracking technology, and even carrying and charging items you've placed on its tray. It's backed by Roboteam, the company behind several military-grade robots, and will be beta testing this fall for a wider launch next year.

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