Beauty and function come together in the Sorapot. This modern, architectural teapot uses an arch of stainless steel to house a Pyrex tube, letting you watch as the tea leaves unfurl, changing hot water into tasty tea. Newly refreshed, the updated version features a re-engineered spout, and open brew chamber, and an investment cast, hand-finished handle, as well as the same stunning looks as the original.

  • Black Diamond Knife Block

    Add a touch of artistic class to your kitchen with the Black Diamond Knife Block. Designed by Christian Bird, this reimagined block features room for up to 11 knives in cleverly-designed, angled slats that allow for easy extraction. The skeletal, matte black body lets you see the blades inside, making it easy to tell whether you're grabbing a paring knife, chef's knife, or serrated blade, and while you don't have to own the Ceramic Onyx knives to make good use of it, it certainly looks best if you do.

  • Aromafork

    You are probably aware that your sense of smell plays a huge role in how your food tastes. You probably weren't aware that there's a fork that lets you play around with scents without actually changing what's going in your mouth. The Aromafork features a slot for blotter paper built into the handle, letting you drop essences of 21 different aromas — sorted into Beans, Fruits, Herbs, Nuts, Spices, and Umami — and experiment with the relationship between your nose and your mouth.

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