Sparc Sigma MGS Watch

"Hey, you look awfully familiar. Do I know you?" Odds are, you might. Based on the Ventura Sparc MGS Watch, the new Sparc Sigma MGS Watch ($5,400-$5,500) sports a completely new, more organic and curvy design, penned by designer Paolo Fancelli. Despite the new body, it's still powered by a Micro Generator System housed in a sapphire crystal case, still boasts a 12-digit liquid-crystal display, still offers LED backlighting for illumination, and still features a prominent scroll controller. Limited Launch Editions will arrive next month, with standard production models hitting shelves in April.

  • IWC Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon Watch

    You don't need to understand the inner workings of the IWC Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon Watch ($TBA) — but it doesn't hurt. It features a patented constant-force mechanism that guarantees extreme precision, as well as two barrels to supply the added torque necessary to drive the tourbillon. Other, more easily understood features include a 96-hour power reserve, a platinum and ceramic case, and a moon phase module that shows the moon phase for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, as well as a countdown display showing the phases until the next full moon.

  • CST-01 Watch

    "The World's Thinnest Watch" is a bold claim to make — but at just 0.8mm thick, we're inclined to believe it. The CST-01 Watch ($130) achieves this by packing its guts — a battery, E Ink display, and controller chip — into a 0.5mm pocket etched into the single-piece stainless steel band. That doesn't leave much room for controls, of course, which is why they're mounted on the recharging base — although with a 10 minute charge time and month-long battery life, you're not going to be visiting the base very often. Available in white or black.

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