Speakeasy Lace Locks

Add some Run-DMC style flair to your favorite pair of sneaks with these Speakeasy Lace Locks ($20). Made from high-quality lacquered wood, each set includes two locks in either light Maple or rich Walnut, and come with a variety of messages, most dedicated to New York, but some — such as the delightfully arrogant Swag — just because. You can also create your own (up to 8 characters each) for just five bucks more, like the ones Footaction sent us laced into a pair of Air Force 1's.

  • Otter Wax

    Keep your shoes in tip-top shape by giving them a healthy dose of Otter Wax ($9-$90). Completely petroleum and silicone free, this lineup of protective solutions includes a Heavy Duty Fabric Wax to protect canvas sneakers, raincoats, hats, and even jeans, and a Leather Salve, which uses its shea butter, flax oil, and lanolin goodness to treat and restore your favorite boots, gloves, and furniture with the added bonus of increased water repellency. Locally crafted in Portland, OR.

  • Dents Driving Gloves

    You might never be as badass as this guy, but that's no reason you shouldn't take control of your machine — whether it's a Corvette or a Camry — with the help of a pair of these Dents Driving Gloves ($55). Made by a UK company that's been making leather hand coverings since 1777, these gloves do more than transform you into a movie star/race car driver — they help you keep a grip on the wheel when your palms get all sweaty from moonlighting as a getaway driver. Now, where can we find one of those satin scorpion jackets...

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