Add a little funk to your listening station with the SpeaQualizer ($40). This table-top gadget uses a functional animated equalizer to bring your music to life with flashing, jumping light bars in shades of red, blue, and green. It runs on 4 AAA batteries, so you can take the party with you, and its microphone, which is made to work best in "environments with loud music," gives you yet another excuse to crank the volume to eleven.

  • R2-D2 Digital Audio and Video Projector

    Words fail to describe the coolness that is the R2-D2 Digital Audio and Video Projector ($3000). Inside this detailed R2 replica lies a 1024x768 resolution, 1500 lumen DLP projector, a built-in CD/DVD player, an iPod Dock, memory card and USB slots, a 20-watt speaker system, an FM transmitter, and more. It can also move independently forward and backward, rotate 360 degrees, and recline to show the projected video on the ceiling, and plays authentic R2 sound effects while it's moving. Oh, and did we mention all this is controlled by a Millennium Falcon remote with removable stand? It's the closest you can come to having your very own R2 unit without having to deal with shady Jawas. [Thanks, Dustin]

  • GPS Mail Logger

    Don't leave it up to the USPS to track your most sensitive mail properly. At just a fourth of an inch thin, the GPS Mail Logger ($695) is a GPS tracking device that can be mailed in an envelope, tracking the exact location, speed and altitude of your envelope, from the time it leaves you to the time it reaches Publishers Clearing House. [Thanks, Greg]

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