Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 Bike

It's an electric bike. But you'd never know it by looking at the sleek design of the Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 Bike. Its intelligent pedal assist technology lets you ride it like a typical bike, yet helps you go faster (up to 28 mph), further, and tackle hills better than you could by yourself. The battery hides underneath the aluminum frame, and internal cable routing keeps things clean, from the battery to the motor, integrated head and taillights, and touchscreen. Custom front and rear hubs keep things rolling smoothly, and the integrated rack makes it easy to carry a small bag or backpack.

  • Earthroamer XV-LTS Adventure Camper

    Based on a Ford F-550 chassis and powered by a 6.7 6.7L turbo diesel V8, the Earthroamer XV-LTS Adventure Camper is a beast off-road and highly-refined inside. The camper body is a one-piece molded design, with no seams to leak, and fiberglass sandwich construction for superior insulation. The result is that a roof-mounted solar system provides power to the battery bank for days of off-grid enjoyment, especially when considering the 90-gallon fresh water supply. Depending on the floor plan, it will sleep up to four, with modern appliances, granite countertops, and a bathroom with both a toilet and shower. Built to order in Colorado.

  • SZ Equilibrium Bike

    Designed, engineered, and built in Italy, the SZ Equilibrium Bike is a sleek option for riding enthusiasts. Built using aluminum for the frame, handlebar, and seat tube and carbon fiber for the front fork, it provides a lightweight, smooth riding experience as you commute to work or take in the countryside. The Equilibrium features a 2-speed automatic shifting hub for extra convenience and a soft Spyder Saddle that is made using a flexible plastic material that keeps the saddle soft while keeping its form unchanged. Of course, a bike that looks this good can be a target for thieves but comes with a LED taillight with an integrated 120 decibel anti-theft siren for piece of mind.

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