Sphelar Solar Flashlight

Anyone can tell you the importance of having a reliable flashlight on hand in the case of an emergency — unexpected power failure, overdue energy bills, total eclipse of the sun — but flashlights never seem to be there for you when you really need them. Whether it's empty batteries or burnt out bulbs, you can just never quite count on your typical flashlight. But the Sphelar Solar Flashlight isn't your typical flashlight, and we're not just talking about its gorgeous design. It sports LED lights and micro-spherical solar cells that provide up to four hours of battery life.

  • Navdy

    We've all done it — no matter how vigilant you are about keeping your eyes on the road, you've no doubt glanced at your phone to check on your directions or view an important notification. With Navdy, that will be a thing of the past. This 5.1-inch transparent heads-up display connects to your phone via low-power Bluetooth and presents your navigation info and incoming notifications in a distraction-free way — above your dash, and between your eyes and the road. An IR camera lets you control things via touchless gestures, and thanks to an OBD-II power and data connection, it can give you pertinent info about your car's performance and vitals, too, all without making any modifications to your existing ride.

  • Gtar

    Learning to play a musical instrument can be a real pain — especially if you haven't already spent most of your life practicing — but with Gtar, you can make learning to play the guitar just a little bit easier. Made to work with your iPhone, this guitar features a multi-touch LED fretboard that lights up, showing you exactly what to play. Best yet, it's built exactly like a guitar, with genuine strings and working frets, so anything you learn translates directly to the real thing. And with multiple purpose-built apps, you can learn more, create music, and play existing songs, learning to play a guitar has never been so easy.

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