Sphero 2.0

Bring games on your mobile device into the real world with Sphero 2.0 ($130), the Bluetooth-controlled baseball-sized robot. Powered by an internal smart robot, this little ball is capable of rolling at speeds up to seven feet per second — so you can drive it at full tilt with your iOS or Android device, jumping it off the included ramps, taking it off-road, and even through water. With dozens of games available in app stores (games like Rolling Dead, Color Grab, and Sphero Golf), you can play on your phone or tablet like never before. Bright multicolor LED lights make playing at night even more exciting, while an available nubby cover gives it the ability to take on the toughest terrain.

  • Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire

    When you have something valuable to protect in your home, only the best security will do — that's why you need the Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire ($25). It uses invisible LED beams projected from three units, so you can form a perimeter that even Catherine Zeta-Jones can't dip beneath. When an intruder breaks the beam, the receiver unit alerts you with an alarm, so you can quickly assess the situation and respond appropriately.

  • Tait Turbo Flyer

    Relive fond childhood memories of building models out of balsa wood with the Tait Turbo Flyer ($15). These high-flying airplane models are each printed and assembled by hand, and are capable of soaring up to an impressive height of 50 feet. With incredibly-detailed screen-printed designs and one-foot wingspans, they'll look great screaming across the skies. Buy them individually, or get the set of four and compete with your friends on who can stage the best aerial show. They come in environmentally-friendly cardboard cases and are made right here in limited batches in the USA.

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