Spider Silk Neckties

The silk fibers spiders produce are remarkable: strong, elastic, and durable, yet incredibly soft and light. So are Spider Silk Neckties. Made using lab-grown proteins with characteristics similar to natural spider silk, these ties are both a proof of concept and subtly stylish. Since they're created in a lab, the fibers are highly sustainable and can be altered to have different properties like water-resistance, stretchiness, or strength. Limited to just 50 pieces, they're a glimpse at the future of clothing.

  • Survival Belt

    It might look like a normal belt, but if you find yourself out in the wilderness and short on supplies, the Survival Belt will do far more than your average leather strap. Remove the ratchet-style buckle from the belt and it becomes a versatile multitool, with a knife blade, bottle opener, firestarter, and LED light. Thanks to nylon fiber unibody construction, the buckle itself is nearly as rugged as the strap, which is waterproof, flexes even rimmed with ice, abrasion resistant, UV protected, and available in four colors.

  • Tateossian Compass Cufflinks

    Odds aren't likely you need a compass while donning formalwear, but these Tateossian Compass Cufflinks make quite the statement nonetheless. Created to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary, they're made from gunmetal-tone brass, each with its own functioning, black dial compass inside.The engraved t-bar fastenings have topaz stones inlaid in their centers, and each pair comes in its own handsome presentation box.

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