Spinn Coffee Maker

Using patented centrifugal brewing technology and an integrated grinder, the Spinn Coffee Maker can make everything from a cup of espresso to a full carafe of coffee with the utmost freshness. Thanks to the aforementioned grinder and built-in water filter, there's no mess to clean up aside from the spent grounds. It's also Internet-savvy, so it'll automatically order more beans from your list when it's running low, and with Alexa integration, you can make your next cup using nothing more than your voice.

  • Chip Smart Cookie Oven

    No matter how good they are, store-bought cookies just can't compare to homemade. The Chip Smart Cookie Oven lets you easily bake your own in 10 minutes or less. It uses a highly-efficient carbon-fiber heating element combined with a convection system to heat up instantly and ensure consistent air flow. Using a companion app, you scan the barcode off a pack of specially-made dough pods, drop the dough in, and the oven does the rest, automatically adjusting the temperature and cooling down at just the right time to guarantee perfectly baked cookies, every time.

    Photos: Alex Golov

  • Balmuda Steam Toaster

    Using a combination of steam and regulated heating, the Balmuda Steam Toaster turns your cheap, store-bought bread into bakery-fresh toast. The toasting starts at a low temperature and gradually increases until your bread has a crispy, golden exterior, while the steam keeps the inside soft and moist. Auto-controlled heat settings adjust to your specific type of bread to ensure your baguettes, croissants, and rolls are perfectly warmed. Other than making great toast, its sleek design and matte finish will be welcome on any counter.

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