Sportsta Mask

Whether you're biking, riding, skiing, or climbing, protect your face — and your health — with the Sportsta Mask. Featuring HEPA-style filtration for catching sub-micron pollutants and a Neotex aerated mask, the Sportsta provides maximum ventilation paired with maximum protection.

  • TaylorMade R9 Driver

    Start your golfing season off right with the most adjustable, customizable driver ever. The TaylorMade R9 Driver (TBA; March 2009) can adjust to your game by offering user-configurable center of gravity, face angle, loft, and lie, giving you up to 75 yards of side-to-side adjustability — enough to correct even the nastiest of slices. It's like 24 drivers in One.

  • G-1 Pool Table

    We've shot plenty of pool on tables with glass-like surfaces, but never on one actually made of glass. The G-1 Pool Table ($29,750) offers a striking modern design with a Vitrik playing surface that replicates the feel of felt, reinforced by a toughened glass bed. The open, modern frame offers International BCA-specification pockets, as well as an integrated ball return that lets you see the balls roam after they're pocketed. [Thanks, Ben]

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