Spruce Stove

While knocking down entire trees can be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, not everyone likes to occupy their day chopping up fireplace-sized chunks of wood. For the lazy woodsman with a strong back and plenty of space in their living room, there's this Spruce Stove ($TBA). Built to accommodate an entire tree trunk (so long as it's straight and has been pruned of all its branches), this stove features a camera-aperture-like opening that allows you to slowly feed in a log as it burns. All you need to do is find an appropriately-sized log, set it up on a couple of saw horses, and watch as the stove consumes anything you feed into it.

  • Stack Stoves

    Ensure that you're getting just the right amount of heat for your living space with one of these Stack Stoves ($TBA). Designed by Adriano Design and built in Italy by Castellamonte, these ceramic stoves come in round and rectangular styles, with a variety of bases and finishes available. Need more heat? They're also modular, letting you add heating modules for power and height variations. If you want one, prepare to travel — they're not available stateside just yet.

  • Kuhl Air Conditioner

    Tired of getting up and crossing the room just to change the settings on your AC unit? The Kuhl Air Conditioner ($TBA) causes no such problems. Thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi connection, you can control any new Kuhl — or, if you're a slum lord, a whole friggin' bank of them — directly from your phone, significantly cutting down the time you need to spend away from your beloved Barkalounger.

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