Sputnik Robot

Sputnik Robot

Watchdogs are so 20th century. With the advent of wireless internet access and easy programming tools, you can get a machine to do pretty much anything you want from a remote location — it’s this idea that spawned the Sputnik Robot from Dr. Robot ($4050). Sputnik comes complete and assembled with modules such as built-in WiFi, two motion sensors, two-way audio monitors, video monitors — well, you get the picture. The wireless internet connection and customizable software not only allow you to send commands to the Sputnik on the fly, but also write customizable AI routines to keep your home safe when you’re away. All this, plus you get a little buddy who strangely reminds us of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.

  • Helmet-Cam ATC-1000

    We’ve all seen an NFL broadcast here and there and thought, “Damn one of those helmet cams would rock.” Well, now you can pick one up for yourself — the ATC-1000 Helmet Cam from Oregon Scientific ($120). It features 640x480 video captured at 15 fps onto an SD card or the 32MB built-in memory. Plus, it doesn’t come attached to a helmet so you can actually clip it to a bike, car, or just hide it in the bottom of your wife’s purse and find out what she does all day.

  • Sony ICD-CX50 Digital Voice Recorder

    This clever gadget could be useful for just about anybody — from an executive to a student. Sony's ICD-CX50 ($310) combines a 256MB flash memory digital voice recorder with a 1.2-megapixel camera so you can capture sound and images together. It features a 1.2 inch color LCD, a rechargeable battery, 4x digital zoom, USB 2.0 connectivity, and a built-in playback speaker. Unfortunately, Star Trek jokes seem to come with the device too.

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