Spyder II GX Laser

Spyder II GX Laser

You know you're dealing with a dangerous toy when you see the words, "world's most powerful handheld laser." The Spyder II GX Laser ($1,700) is a military-grade handheld laser that's sort of a like a laser pointer, only much, much awesomer. Sporting a lightweight 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum shell and powered by a single 18650 high capacity lithium battery, the Spyder is airtight and water resistant, and is the first portable laser equipped with thermoelectric cooling, letting you use the thing for more than two minutes without it getting hand-burning hot. So what's it good for? If you have to ask, then you shouldn't be buying it, kid. As you'll see in our first-ever Uncrate video, this thing was designed for those of us who aspire to wreak havoc on the world.

  • Gibson Dark Fire Guitar

    Sporting the beautiful Les Paul profile and made from a mahogany body and carved maple top, the Gibson Dark Fire ($4,400) is the fusion of geek and guitar, combining a classic design with some of the most advanced technology available. Using Chameleon Tone Technology, the Dark Fire owns the iconic Les Paul sound, but allows you to reach infinite tonal possibilities, recreating any guitar sound you can imagine. Second generation Robot Guitar Technology keeps you on key as you play. The new P-90h neck and Burstbucker III bridge pickups go from blues to shred with the flip of a switch, and the included Robot Interface Pack — a small box the size of a deck of cards — operates as a preamp, firewire interface, breakout box, and more. Be sure to watch the demo video. [Thanks, Will]

  • Moshi IVR Alarm clock

    Wouldn't it be cool if there was a clock that could respond to voice commands just like the computer on the Enterprise? The voice activated Moshi IVR Alarm clock ($50) takes you one step closer to realizing your lifelong dream of commanding a Federation starship. You initiate voice commands by saying "Hello Moshi," and the clock responds by illuminating and voicing its readiness for your command. You can request the time and date, the temperature. program the time and alarm, and choose from a variety of background sounds (waterfall, forest, stream) for uninterrupted sleep. You can even silence the alarm right from bed, all with the sound of your voice. Holodeck not included. [Thanks, Joe]

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