Spyder III Pro Arctic Series Laser

Spyder III Pro Arctic Series Laser

Not satisfied with the world-dominating green beam of the Spyder II GX Laser, Wicked Lasers has upped the ante with the new Spyder III Pro Arctic Series Laser ($200). Billed as "the world's first 445nm direct blue diode laser," this new portable menace boasts almost a full 1W of power — compared to just 200-300mW for the II GX — a battery life of two hours from a single charge of the Lithium Ion cell, an aircraft-grade aluminum body, and included safety goggles, which you'll need when operating "the most dangerous laser ever created." Take that, Death Star.

  • Eigenharp Alpha

    And here we thought real harps were unusual. The Eigenharp Alpha (£4,000; roughly $5,800) is a mixture of woodwind and keyboard, offering up an unorthodox musical control paradigm that includes a breath pipe, 120 keys, 12 percussion keys, two strip controllers, and multiple pedal inputs, all of which are fed into a Mac for digestion by custom software that somehow translates all of that into music. Great for the musical prodigy in your life that can't choose between Julliard and MIT.

  • TomTom Star Wars GPS Voices

    Celebrate Star Wars Day by adding a little Sith to your TomTom GPS. TomTom Star Wars GPS Voices ($13) let select Star Wars characters — including Darth Vader, C-3PO, Yoda, and Han Solo — guide you to your destination in true intergalactic style, while throwing in extras like authentic sound effects, custom screen wallpaper, and character map icons. No word yet if Admiral Ackbar yells "It's a trap!" when you make a wrong turn.

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