Square Card Case

Square Card Case

The march towards a sadly wallet-less future continues with Square Card Case (Free). This iOS/Android app ties in with Square's already-excellent mobile payment service, letting you use your name to pay at local spots using the company's system, and letting you create tabs at the establishments, which automatically open upon your arrival so the workers will know who you are and even what you usually order, giving you instant "regular" status. Oh, and did we mention you never even have to take your phone out of your pocket? Yeah. "Just put it on Uncrate."

  • Turntable.fm

    The hottest DJ scene in town is now in your pocket thanks to Turntable.fm (Free). This long-awaited app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch lets you access the popular social DJ service from just about anywhere, letting you queue up the perfect track for your friends from the back of the train or while you're on the john — with your device resting a safe distance away, of course.

  • Spotify

    Finally. As our European friends have been telling us for years, Spotify ($Free) is what the long-rumored iTunes subscription service was supposed to be. Boasting a catalog of 15 million songs, it lets you search for and listen to specific songs, artists, and entire albums (for up to 10 hours a month), after which you'll need to pony up $5 for the Premium service and unlimited computer-based listening or $10 for the Unlimited service, which gives you app access from your iPhone or Android device, the ability to download music for listening offline, enhanced sound quality, and much more. Sorry iTunes Match, but you're no match for this.

    Thanks to our friends at Chevy, we've got 300 early access invites to Spotify. Get 'em while you can.

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