Square Stand

If you're using Square to run the cash register at your small business, odds are you might already have an iPad mount — but odds are it isn't as sleek and functional as the Square Stand ($300). This modern white stand connects to your iPad 2 or 3 (no Lighting support yet), providing power and securing it to the counter. It also features an accessories hub that makes it quick and easy to connect a cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner, with a wireless connection to a kitchen printer, giving you a complete POS system in just minutes. Shipping in July.

  • Breathometer

    You knew it was just a matter of time. So far, your smartphone has been able to do pretty much anything you ask of it — except tell you when you've had one too many to get behind the wheel. Thanks to the Breathometer ($20 and up), now you can. This keychain-friendly device plugs into the headphone port of your iPhone or Android device, and interacts with an app to give you an accurate measurement of your BAC. Shipments start this July.

  • iStomp

    You could carry around a huge array of stomp pedals from show to show, or you could carry one iStomp ($150). This simple box works just like a traditional stompbox, only the effects it provides come from your iPhone or iPad. Simply download and select the pedal you want from the Stomp Shop, then load it onto the iStomp — since you actually load it onto the pedal, you don't need to keep your device hooked up, and with true stereo inputs and outputs and four control knobs, you can get just the sound you're looking for. Use one by itself or string multiple boxes together for truly crazy effects.

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