Whether you're running a small business, gearing up for your summertime lemonade stand, or simply want a way to process the door charges at your next multi-kegger, Square can help. This new service uses a small headphone port-connecting card reader and accompanying iPhone app to allow you to accept credit, debit, and pre-paid gift card payments anywhere you have an Internet connection. The customer signs with their finger, and can even have the receipt sent directly to their e-mail account. Beats the hell out of the ol' metal cash box.

  • Star Wars: Trench Run

    Relive the epic final battle of A New Hope with Star Wars: Trench Run ($5). In this just-released game for the iPhone and iPod touch, you play as a Rebel Alliance Red Squadron pilot and attempt to work your way past the Death Star's outer defenses, all the way and into the trenches for a final run at firing your proton torpedoes into the battle station's exposed exhaust port, all while dodging oncoming cannon fire and Vader's advances. May the Force be with you.

  • Rock Band for iPhone

    They certainly took their sweet time with it, but EA has finally launched Rock Band for iPhone ($10). With graphics similar to those found in the console versions, the game features all four main instruments — guitar, bass, drums, and, yes, vocals — as well as a nifty four-player live Bluetooth multiplayer mode, an in-game music store, and more.

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