Squirrel Wingsuits

You know that dream where you're flying across the sky, soaring effortlessly without the aid of a vehicle? Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a dream, thanks to Squirrel Wingsuits ($1,650 and up), and a (possibly-unhealthy) dose of courage. They offer several suits, the swift, called a beginner suit, the aura, a more balanced suit, and the colugo, made for pilots of intermediate to expert ability. Each suit is completely customizable, so you can build it to match your tastes, and based on years of research and experience in wingsuit base jumping. [Scouted by Dom]

  • Swingbyte

    Start getting real, useful data about your golf swing so you can make serious improvements with Swingbyte ($150). This simple device quickly attaches to any club — driver, putter, whatever — and pairs to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet over a Bluetooth connection. It then automatically records everything about your swings, giving you a full view , club head speed and acceleration, club face angle, and much more. From there you can analyze your swing history online to chart your improvement, or share it with a pro to get some advice on how to get even better.

  • DarkFin Gloves

    Although we're mostly made of water, humans are meant for living on dry land — hence our lack of webbed feet or hands. DarkFin Gloves fix half of this equation with a rear-webbed design that increases surface area by 70%, helps you tread water using less energy, and builds upper body strength. They're made from durable, flexible latex rubber, and are perfect for scuba diving, swimming, sky divers, or just freaking out your kids at bath time.

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