Stack Stoves

Ensure that you're getting just the right amount of heat for your living space with one of these Stack Stoves ($TBA). Designed by Adriano Design and built in Italy by Castellamonte, these ceramic stoves come in round and rectangular styles, with a variety of bases and finishes available. Need more heat? They're also modular, letting you add heating modules for power and height variations. If you want one, prepare to travel — they're not available stateside just yet.

  • Dyson Hot

    It's (almost) that time of year again: the time for jeans, hoodies, fires, and, if you work in a drafty office, space heaters. Instead of relying on some eyesore to keep you warm this year, upgrade to the Dyson Hot ($400). Built using the same technology as the company's Air Multiplier fans, the Hot uses bladeless technology — see, the old guy* still has his finger! — a heating element built safely into the base, a thermostat control, and an oscillating motor to push hot air across any space, keeping you warm and your area free of fire-hazards.

    *Sir James Dyson

  • Arden Fan

    Looking for a way to cool off this summer that won't spoil your carefully curated early 20th century vibe? The Arden Fan ($335) is a fine choice, thanks to its walnut finish, tripod-style legs, and oil-rubbed bronze construction, while its three-speed 74 x 18 motor and 50 degree oscillation remind you that you're not really living in the past.

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