Stadler Form Q Fan

Let's be frank: most of the time, you don't care what a fan looks like — you just need it to blow some air to cool you down. But for those times when you care, there a few fans cooler than the Stadler Form Q Fan ($200). Crafted from stainless steel and aluminum and designed by Carlo Borer, the Q has legs on only side, allowing its round form to join brilliantly with them to create that most inquisitive of letters. U.S. purchasers, get your 220V adapters ready — no 110V version is available.

  • Dynamite Fire Starters

    Feed your inner pyromaniac without putting yourself, family, or closest neighbors in danger of bodily harm with Dynamite Fire Starters ($40). Despite the name, these fire-starter sticks aren't actually made of dynamite, but do resemble cartoon-style TNT with their elongated cylindrical bodies. Made from paraffin and sawdust, 20 sticks come in each pack, encased in a finger-jointed cedar box that resembles the real dynamite boxes of old.

  • Dyson Air Multiplier

    Leave it to the air maestros at Dyson to create a fan with no blades. The Dyson Air Multiplier ($300-$330) uses a fairly ingenious design to suck air into the base, accelerating it through an small aperture in the device's ring and then over a ramp to channel its direction. As it happens, this also causes the air behind and around the machine to be drawn into the airflow, creating a smooth stream of air amplified 15 times, without the unpleasant buffeting caused by the blades of a traditional fan chopping the air. The only downside? It's a $300 fan.

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