We'll be the first to admit that the idea of signing up for yet another social network sounds about as fun as a dinner date with a dead man, but Stamped (Free) might just be cool enough to make it worthwhile. The idea is that you put your stamp of approval on, well, just about anything — books, restaurants, music, games, movies, and more — and share your stamps with your friends, who likewise share their stamps with you. The nice part about the whole thing is that there are no 1-5 star reviews or anything like that. You simply stamp something you totally love (so they're all basically 5-star recommendations), and you're initially limited to 100 stamps. So you can't go on a crazy stamping spree, recommending every single one of your Usher remixes.

  • Square Card Case

    The march towards a sadly wallet-less future continues with Square Card Case (Free). This iOS/Android app ties in with Square's already-excellent mobile payment service, letting you use your name to pay at local spots using the company's system, and letting you create tabs at the establishments, which automatically open upon your arrival so the workers will know who you are and even what you usually order, giving you instant "regular" status. Oh, and did we mention you never even have to take your phone out of your pocket? Yeah. "Just put it on Uncrate."

  • AirCassette

    Until now, folks who longed for a nostalgic tape-style experience were forced to carry around Walkmans, or better yet, ghetto blasters. Now you can get the same experience — kinda — on your iPhone or iPod touch with AirCassette ($2). Inspired by real 1980's cassettes, AirCassette fills your screen with a recreation of popular blank tapes, with simple controls, plus all the modern features you'd expect, like the ability to browse by artist, album, or songs, set up a queue, share a song via Facebook or email, and stream whatever you're playing around the house using AirPlay. All for less than the price of an actual blank tape.

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