Stanley Adventure Bottle

It doesn't matter if your idea of an autumn adventure involves hiking a state of the Appalachian Trail, or just braving rush-hour traffic on your daily commute — the Stanley Adventure Bottle ($TBA) is your ideal companion. This versatile, multi-use bottle has a stainless steel screw-off bottom, that works as a cup, and has graduated markings for measurement, and a tapered bottom for your car's cup holder. And at under a half a pound, you'll barely feel it in your bag.

  • Tenkara Fishing Rods

    Lots of guys out there want to try fly fishing, but are often discouraged from giving it a shot by the difficult-to-learn technique and expensive gear. Tenkara Fishing Rods ($100) and the Japanese Tenkara style of fly fishing offer a minimalist, more-approachable way to fly fish, all with very little cost to get started. Choose from two rods: the Teton with a 6:4 action index, or the Sawtooth, with a 5:5 action index. Both are 12 feet long, come with a line and fly, and weigh just 3.4 ounces.

  • Realtree x Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike

    Forget your noisy truck, ATV, or dirt bike — you can quietly get to your favorite hunting or fishing spot without alerting nearby critters to your whereabouts with the Realtree x Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike ($2,200). It's built to handle tricky terrain, with huge 3.8-inch tires that run on low pressure and all-condition disk brakes on the front and back wheels. Plenty of attachment points and cages let you load it down with all the gear you need, including a scabbard for your bow, fishing rod, or rifle. And of course it's kitted out in Realtree Xtra camo with anodized black no-glare accents, so you can blend right in to your surroundings.

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