Stanley FuBar Demolition Bar

When work commenced on the new Uncrate HQ, we took to the old, paisley wallpaper-covered walls with baseball bats. This was unwise. What we needed was a Stanley FuBar Demolition Bar ($20). Forged from high carbon alloy steel, this ingenious tool features everything you need to strike, pull, pry, chisel, and chop down old material, including a P-shaped chisel, multiple nail pullers and strike-able surfaces, and a padded handle to reduce slippage. Way more efficient than a ball bat — although possibly less fun, due to the reduced risk of serious bodily harm.

This post is sponsored by Philips Norelco. Use the right tool for the job.

  • Hammer Screwdriver Combination Tool

    Strapped for space in your toolbox? Replace four tools with the Hammer Screwdriver Combination Tool ($20). Made in Pennsylvania from tempered steel, this handy tool features a claw hammer and a knurled solid brass handle that also functions as a large phillips, a small flathead, and a large flathead screwdriver. What you do with the extra space is up to you. [Scouted by Neal]

  • RoboReels

    If you've ever been whacked by the end of an extension cord or cable that was automatically retracting, you'll appreciate RoboReels. Available in portable and ceiling-mounted versions, these intelligent 360 degree-rotating cord reels use a two-speed motorized retraction system that can be started from the base or the end of the cable, ensuring a smooth, safe return for the receptacle ball, which offers three outlets, a power on/off button, three LED indicator lights, and a retraction switch.

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