Steadicam Volt

You've heard of the Steadicam, the original camera stabilization technology that revolutionized Hollywood. Now the same name is ready to revolutionize your videos with the Steadicam Volt. Turning you into a regular Kubrick, the Volt is a handheld smartphone and tablet stabilizer that weighs in at only one pound and is totally collapsible. It uses haptic feedback, which simulates the feeling of inertia to allow users to film with extreme precision. Users can shoot in Sport mode for fast movements, and Movie mode for more leeway when creating cinematic-like movements. Volt is Bluetooth enabled, syncs with any smartphone, and is equipped with rechargeable batteries that provide up to 8-hours of life on a full charge.

Presented by Steadicam.

  • Brilliant Smart Home Control

    Make your light switches do more than just manage illumination with the Brilliant Smart Home Control. Available in models spanning 1-4 switches, each control has a 5-inch touchscreen and Amazon Alexa built-in, letting you control a whole host of products, from the lights to thermostats, door locks, and garage doors. Built-in motion detectors turn the lights on and off automatically, video cameras, mics, and built-in speakers turn multiple units into an intercom, and since installation is as easy as wiring a new switch, you can have one up and running in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Uritrottoir Urinal Planter

    Public restrooms can be gross and even dangerous. Peeing on whatever's around is also gross and very likely illegal. The Uritrottoir Urinal Planter tackles both problems. It's made up of two boxes, with one on top holding plants, fertilized soil, and the main portion of the urinal, which sends your pee down onto the straw that's held in the lower box. A sensor tells when the straw needs swapped out and taken to a separate composting facility, before eventually making its way back to another unit as food for the flowers on top. Currently on trial in Paris, it seems likely we'll be seeing them elsewhere in the years to come.

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