Steelcase Gesture Chair

Most office chairs are designed to give us comfort and support as we sit in front of a computer all day — but with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, we're pulled away from our desktop setups more and more. The Steelcase Gesture Chair was designed with this change in mind. As such, it's built to support a wide variety of postures and sitting preferences, promising to give you support whether you're banging away at a keyboard, casually browsing a report on your iPad, or cranking out a quick text on your phone. Oh, and it doesn't look too shabby, either. Coming this fall. [Scouted by Ken]

  • Johnny Cash Postage Stamp

    Let's face it: in an age of online account management, email, Skype, IM, and other methods of near-instant communication and commerce, no one really likes buying postage stamps. So if you have to, you might as well make them as cool as possible. This Johnny Cash Postage Stamp (about $0.50) should certainly qualify. Meant to resemble a 45 rpm record sleeve, the stamp features a black-and-white portrait of Cash taken in 1963 during a Frank Bez photo shoot for Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash. And it's a Forever stamp, so 20 years from now when stamps cost $10 a piece, you can use it and be all "In yo face!" to the local postmaster.

  • Field Notes Expedition Notebook

    We're huge fans of Field Notes' stylish notebooks, but most new editions have involved simple changes to the exterior. The Field Notes Expedition Notebook ($10/3-pack) changes all that. The result of months of development and testing, the Expedition is printed on Yupo Synthetic paper — made from extruded polypropylene pellets — making it both water- and tear-proof. Of course, they didn't forget about the outside, either, with a front cover in orange, a rear in black, and a topographic map of Antartica set into the varnish.

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